City of Canyon Lake, Photography by Anthony Arendt Photography

Special Enforcement

The City of Canyon Lake’s Special Enforcement Team (SET) is trained in a variety of special services such as National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) to maintain the cities compliance with the Clean Water Act.

The team samples the Lake for Quagga Mussels and guards against boats that have not been inspected before entering Canyon Lake. The City’s SET assists Code Enforcement to increase their effectiveness and the Property Owners Association (POA) Community Patrol with issues that may involve public safety, environmental hazards, and calls that do not require a police officer or firefighter.

Two City Enforcement boats assist the POA Marine Patrol in lake coverage on busy holidays for public safety. The boat patrols and vehicle coverage on and around the northern most sections of Canyon Lake assists Rangers from Riverside County and the Bureau of Land Management to preserve our community’s natural surroundings.

Ivan Henry

Dennis Bickers


Mike Feeney



Special Enforcement’s primary goals

  1. Assist with Code Enforcement
  2. Preserve the pristine nature of the BLM area
  3. Maintain the quality of Canyon Lake water by following strict State and County mandates by:
    • Constantly testing and training in programs such as National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES), Total Maximum Daily Load, and continual training in Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) to keep the City in compliance.
  4. Combat foreign infestations such as the Quagga Mussel by;
    • Patrolling with city boats to keep jet skis and other boats that haven’t been inspected out of the north lake
    • Testing the entire lake over the summer months to make sure it remain mussel free and sending samples to the Department of Fish and Game.
  5. Assist the POA Marine Patrol in lake coverage on busy holidays for public safety along with weekly patrols on the north lake.
  6. Assist the POA Community Patrol or any city departments with issues that may involve public safety, environmental hazards, and all calls or issues that do not require a police officer or firefighter response- freeing up other public safety agencies so that they may be available for a true emergency.

The North Lake and Ski Slalom

The northern most section of Canyon Lake is surrounded by BLM property (Bureau of Land Management), and Elsinore Municipal Water District property. All of these properties are intended for hikers, bicycles and horseback riding. The north lake is open for public use for those that want to fish or swim as long as these rules are followed.

Please remember to carry out all trash.


Requires a valid fishing license for the number of poles in use. * Inflatable tubes and rafts are allowed. * All boats or canoes must launch from within Canyon Lake, and owners must be a Canyon Lake resident.

Special holidays like the July 4th increased population. Some 20,000 plus people visit the community and we want to make their visit as pleasant and safe as possible.

Water Rescue Class

As summer approaches the Canyon Lake Special En¬forcement and POA Marine Patrol are urging safety on the water. Following boating rules and wearing your life vest are the first steps to ensure that everyone gets home safe. Remember that all children up to and including age 11 must always wear a life vest.

In the event on an emergency, both Special Enforcement and the POA Marine Patrol will be ready to work together along with the fire department to minimize any further injuries.

On Wednesday May 11, 2011, Canyon Lake’s fire crew hosted a water rescue class at Station 60. Captain Brent Carter Instructed a three hour class that began in the classroom and eventually moved to the lake where technique and skills could be prac¬ticed. It was evident that everyone had finished the class with something new to be added to their rescue skills. Ivan Henery of Special Enforcement said that it was very important to have this type of group class so everyone is on the same page and can work together.

On behalf of all the emergency services in Canyon Lake, we wish everyone a fun and safe summer.