City of Canyon Lake, Photography by Anthony Arendt Photography

Police Department

The City of Canyon Lake contracts with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for police services. The contract provides for one deputy 24 hours per day.

For any Emergency Call 911

Police Department Main Line (951) 210-1000

Police Department Non-Emergency Dispatch Line (951)776-1099 (Option 5)

POA or 9-1-1 ?

  • Call 9-1-1 for anything that is an emergency or if you are in need of "immediate response" be it law enforcement or fire.
  • The POA's independent sub contractor, Securitas, responds to Property Owner Association's rules and regulation violations, not crimes.
  • Securitas is not responsible to call the police or do a third party report. If you call Security first in the event of an emergency it will delay the response time of the Canyon Lake Police Department.
  • Neighbors who see suspicious behavior or parties that may be getting out of hand should call the Sheriff's Department at 9-1-1.
  • Note: If you need a Deputy Sheriff for "regular" public law enforcement services (duties regularly carried out by public officers) call the Sheriff's Department, not the POA for private security services.