City of Canyon Lake, Photography by Anthony Arendt Photography

City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as the administrative head of the City. The City Manager is responsible for the efficient administration of all departments operating within the City, providing overall direction to ensure that City policy is adhered to.

To fulfill these duties, the City Manager is aided by two full time and two part time employees in City Hall, one special enforcement supervisor, five boat patrol officers, one code enforcement officer and through contracts with the following agencies/firms:

  • Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard and Smith LLP, City Attorney Elizabeth Martyn
  • Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Chief Mike Judge
  • Riverside County Fire Department, Battalion Chief Steven Gallegos
  • Riverside County Library System, Librarian Anna Fox
  • Tri Lakes Consultants, Inc., City Engineer Habib Motlagh, P.E.
  • Willdan, Building Official Ronald Espalin, P.E.
  • Hogle-Ireland Inc., City Planner Russell Brady
  • Rogers, Anderson, Malody and Scott Accountants, Accountant Terry Shea

In addition, The City Manager oversees the functions of Human Resources and Risk Management, Economic Development, Communications, preparation of the Annual Operating Budget, all contract administration, state and federal grant processing, and agenda processing and review for the City Council.  

The city actively involves itself in governmental affairs, feeling it important to the community to track legislative activities to present Canyon Lake's point of view on issues.

City Council members and administrative staff participate in the work of regional planning organizations such as:

The city retains a firm to represent its interests in Sacramento.  Schott and Lites Advocates represent the city by working closely with the City Attorney, keeping track of an array of bills the state legislature considers each year that affect Canyon Lake and presenting the city’s viewpoint to lawmakers, committees and their staff.

To contact the City Manager’s Office, call (951) 244-2955 or email